AssetPool offers an asset inspection application and process that is completely unique.


Each asset is uniquely identified, and it can be monitored by both live IOT data monitoring as well as physical data through inspection.

  • Assets are monitored using IOT
  • Any issues that need physical intervention raise an alert
  • A job is issued to the nearest technician who is able to repair or inspect the asset
  • The technician opens the job and scans the asset using the application — who, what, where, and when are all recorded
  • The repair is done, automatically documented, and stored in the cloud

Most asset management companies only offer a portion of the complete AssetPool offering. Either the IOT device and the ability to monitor it on a limited platform, or they only provide the asset inspection component.


At AssetPool, we complete the loop and offer it all through one easy-to-use application.

Let AssetPool help you manage your assets and business efficiently.