Aerial view of Game Reserve


Verification & Compliance of Own Assets


SECTOR: Recreation

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Incident Reporting and Document Management

DATE: Engagement - November 2019



Game Reserve 1


How did AssetPool help?

Running a Game Reserve comes with many responsibilities, including monitoring and maintenance of the perimeter fence and this can be challenging to manage.


With AssetPool’s smart inspection platform this becomes a simple process of scanning the barcode, selecting the appropriate checklist and updating the list during the physical inspection; photographic evidence is also attached to the inspection.

Reporting allows for monitoring of both inspections conducted and asset performance, areas of concern become apparent and can be addressed.

Game Reserve 2


Key benefits

The Game Reserve found the following key benefits switching to AssetPool's smart inspection software:

  • Fence physical condition monitoring
  • Staff efficiency & performance management
  • Paperless record keeping – Immediate data access
  • Damage & Accident reporting – Insurance
  • Adherence to guidelines for fencing requirements
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