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Afri Guard

Smart Inspection, Verification & Compliance of Assets


SECTOR: Security

APPLICATION: Digital Inspections 


DATE: Signed up July 2021



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How did AssetPool help?


Afri Guard was started in 1999 and their mission is to provide a tailor-made service of the highest possible standard to existing and prospective clients nation-wide. Afri Guard adopted AssetPool in July 2021 and have been tracking their assets with our digital solution ever since. To date, they have onboarded over 300 vehicles and over 800 radios. The next phase of onboarding will be the firearms, bulletproof vests, and horse saddles. 


One of the many ways that Afri Guard uses AssetPool is to issue a job each time a security guard needs to fuel up; this means that they now have the power to monitor fuel usage. Their customised fuel checklist includes a picture of the odometer and a picture of the receipt. This information is available live to the administrator through their online dashboard. Afri Guard can issue job cards from head office while security guards are in the field.


In the next phase of onboarding, Afri Guard will track their firearms with AssetPool. They have firearms changing hands twice a day; with a check in and check out process that used to be entirely paper based. Afri Guard now can manage all their assets digitally with a live risk dashboard. Afri Guard has a very small QR code on each firearm which is scanned by a cell phone using AssetPool which keeps a digital record off all handovers. Prior to using AssetPool, each time a firearm was issued it would require a piece of paper known as the “temporary permit”. These temporary permits were creating over 1,000 pieces of paper per day. With the elimination of paper use, Afri Guard has increased productivity and saved on expenses. Afri Guard was spending double the monthly cost of AssetPool just on carbon copy books alone. They now have reduced operating costs and increased revenue by switching to a Smart Inspection Platform. Another added benefit is that if Afri Guard was ever questioned about a certain occurrence or issue on a certain date they would need to dig through paperwork to find it but with AssetPool they have this information at their finger tips.

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Key Benefits 


Some of the key benefits that Afri Guard have experienced are accurate asset history tracking, reduced paperwork and the following:


  • Asset condition monitoring – Afri Guard are able to ensure their vehicles and safety equipment is always well maintained.

  • Staff efficiency and performance management – with AssetPool, Afri Guard have full visibility over their operations, team capacity, and performance. It has also saved a lot of time and admin work.

  • Geo location – Afri Guard have over 300 vehicles they need to keep track off. This is simple with AssetPool’s geolocation and time/date stamp.

  • Real-time data and reporting insights – AssetPool’s reporting dashboards give Afri Guard the ability to report on the status of their operations at any given moment.

  • Insurance Claims – Afri Guard now have peace of mind, knowing that in the case of an accident or crime they have a full service history that can show they followed the proper procedure. This covers them both from a legal compliance and an insurance perspective.

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