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SECTOR: X-ray Machines & Metal Detectors for Food

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Inspecting X-ray Machines & Metal Detectors, Equipment and Document Management


AssetPool Case Study  AutoMS (1)

How did AssetPool help?


AutoMS is a company that offers new equipment sales, service calibration, validation, training, and breakdown support. They deal with any metal detector, check-weigher or x ray machine. AutoMS was founded in 2015 when the director Mark Kirk saw an opportunity to improve product support and bring in the latest technology without having to spend all of your budget on upgrading or implementing CCP’s. AutoMS has found that many suppliers do not have the resources to provide customers with exceptional support. CCP’s are probably the most important part of any FMCG company for many reasons. Some of their clients include Pioneer Foods, RCL Foods, Beyers Chocolate and Bokomo.


Prior to adopting AssetPool, AutoMS completed their inspections with paper and pen and then entered that information into an excel spreadsheet once the technician arrived back at the office. AutoMS used to manually fill out forms on site when doing inspections, then print out the machine specific data sheet with the previous settings on it. They had to then manually edit the excel sheet and then email it to their client.


Through the use of AssetPool, Mark Kirk has been able to have a wholistic view of his company’s assets. He can now view any piece of equipment with a click of a button. He has peace of mind knowing that his technicians are completing their inspections correctly and timely. This has led to increased revenue for AutoMS as they are now able to complete more asset inspections in a day than they were previously able to. 

AssetPool Case Study  AutoMS

Key Benefits


When we asked the owner of AutoMS what key benefits he has experienced from adopting AssetPool, he said “giving multiple clients access to view the status of their equipment on site, if an asset fails an inspection the client can see it in real time. Having the evidence and images also helps to show that our technicians are doing inspections correctly and if something is broken we can provide the evidence and quote on repairs immediately.” One of the benefits from being able to quote on repairs is increased revenue. They now have the information available immediately which allows the technicians more time to focus on inspecting their equipment as opposed to bringing in their paper inspections into the office. The owner of AutoMS has seen the results from day 1 of putting AssetPool into place. He said, “bringing AssetPool into AutoMS has changed the way we do business, we used to manually print out inspection reports, manually write them out on site and then manually get the technicians to capture the information when they got back to the office.” He sees that his technicians now don’t have to do tedious paperwork anymore and he said, “this means the technicians can do more inspections and do more jobs in one day.”


  • Machine Physical Condition Monitoring - They now have a live status of the condition of this equipment.
  • Increased Productivity and Performance Management – The technicians at AutoMS have increased efficiency through the ability to send completed inspections digitally rather than having to hand in paper checklists to head office. 
  • Geo Location – The managers now have precise locations of each of the technicians as well as the assets.
  • Real-time Data and Reporting Insights – AssetPool’s reporting dashboards give AutoMS the ability to report on the health of their assets at any given moment.
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