Jackal Creek Golf Estate


Verification & Compliance of own Assets


SECTOR: Recreational

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Incident Recording & Document Management

DATE: Engagement - November 2019


Image source: https://www.jackalcreekgolf.co.za/

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Image source: https://www.jackalcreekgolf.co.za/

How did AssetPool help?

Jackal Creek recently purchased around 70 new Golf Carts with built-in course GPS management. Their previous fleet had to be replaced due to the condition of the carts. AssetPool checks the carts out in the morning and checks the carts on return. If the player has caused damage to the cart the club is now able to recover these costs.

Furthermore there was a need for better record keeping of course maintenance and compliance. The club's management can now, without a doubt, ensure that their course is being attended to by the green keeper and his staff as required.

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Key benefits

Jackal Creek found the following key benefits switching to AssetPool's smart inspection software:

  • Golf cart physical condition verification & monitoring
  • Golf course maintenance management
  • Staff efficiency & performance management
  • Paperless record keeping – Immediate data access
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Image source:https://pixabay.com/

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