Kirk Roth Projects


SECTOR: Industrial and Commercial

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Inspecting Fire Prevention Equipment and Document Management

DATE: Signed up July 2019



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How did AssetPool help?


Kirk Roth Projects focuses on Powered Smoke Control systems and ducted systems as its core specialty, leveraging strategic suppliers who offer KRP competitive rates in the market. They are perfectly positioned to offer their clients a cost effective solution to suit their needs. Where complex solutions are required, KRP works hand in hand with their clients to overcome obstacles on the toughest of projects. 


KRP’s mission is to supply, install, and maintain compliant quality products to the fire safety industry. They are focused on protecting lives and limiting damage to property. AssetPool pairs perfectly with their mission as it helps them to keep track of the state of life saving fire equipment. These monthly inspections are now tracked by AssetPool, are now available live, and stored in the cloud. Life safety is paramount, through KRP’s knowledge and expertise they intend to create environments which are safe for all. 


Prior to adopting AssetPool, KRP technicians were inspecting their client’s assets with a paper checklist and then driving those checklists back to the office for an administrator to input on a spreadsheet. Now that KRP has the power of AssetPool at their fingertips, they have saved on downtime, increased productivity, and increased safety for their client’s fire equipment. 


Through the use of AssetPool, Kirk Roth Projects is able to live condition monitor their assets. KRP can offer this to all smoke control panels which control various types of equipment. When there is a fault on the panel or loss of power it means that the system will not work as intended, now KRP can notify their customers via mail that they have a system down, allowing them to proactively remedy the problem without having to wait for the next scheduled SLA service. KRP offers 12, 24 and 36 month plans on this product, with payment required upfront or monthly. Since KRP has adopted AssetPool they have been able to increase their revenue though this additional revenue stream. KRP can send out technicians to their sites to fix issues and faulty equipment without having to wait for the paper checklist to return to the head office. 

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Key Benefits


When asked what effect AssetPool has had, the Business Development Manager at Kirk Roth Projects, Gino Dos Santos, said, “AssetPool has helped improve communication to clients. It gives us live updates and keeps us in the loop of services. The information is clear, current, and valuable which helps keep our site functioning and compliant. Our customers know that their money is well spent and being looked after by their suppliers and the service we offer.”


The Operations Director at Kirk Roth Projects, had this to say about AssetPool, “AssetPool has assisted our business in being professional and efficient when it comes to planned preventative maintenance as well as repair work. AssetPool has played a major role in KRP being a successful business allowing all staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities with ease providing a confident service to our clients. While KRP technicians are still onsite, AssetPool notifications prompt office staff as soon as a job has been completed, allowing KRP customers to receive a full service report and invoice within an hour of the service being completed. AssetPool reports also point out failed assets immediately after a service is completed, highlighting our clients' risk areas making it possible for our clients and KRP to keep valuable sites safe and operational 24/7. AssetPool is user friendly and KRP would not be where it is today without it."

  • Machine physical condition monitoring - KRP is responsible for servicing life saving equipment. They now have a live status of the condition of this equipment.
  • Staff efficiency and performance management – The technicians at KRP have increased efficiency through the ability to send completed inspections digitally rather than having to hand in paper checklists to head office. 
  • Geo location – The managers now have precise locations of each of the technicians as well as the assets.
  • Real-time data and reporting insights – AssetPool’s reporting dashboards give Kirk Roth Projects the ability to report on the health of their assets at any given moment.
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