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Naranja Packers - Food Packaging Factory

Verification & Compliance of Own Assets


SECTOR: Citrus Packaging Plant

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Inspecting Factory Equipment and Document Management

DATE: Signed up May 2021



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How did AssetPool help?

Naranja Packers is a specialised citrus packhouse, in the Waterfalls River valley close to Burgersfort, suitably equipped for the sorting and packing of citrus fruit. This packhouse packs fruit produced by Indigo Fruit Farming in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, as well as fruit for other farmers within the Burgersfort region.


Prior to adopting AssetPool, Naranja Packers were using paper checklists to complete their daily inspections on their palletizer, packaging line, pallet scales, sorting lines etc. Now they have the power to complete their inspections digitally. Naranja has over 200 assets that need to be inspected daily–that equals a lot of paper that no longer needs to be filed or retrieved.


Naranja Packers had some specific pain points that they were looking to have resolved by a Smart Inspection Platform. They wanted to be able to have a live status of their machinery health. If a certain piece of equipment was in a failed state they needed to know about it immediately. They also wanted to be able to report on the history of their machines quickly and without the use of a filing system. 


The POC (proof of concept) was implemented quickly with their assets onboarded within one week. They had a trial for 14 days, then it took another 7 days to get the account 100% populated and ready for implementation.  From start to finish, it only took about 3 weeks to switch from paper to a digital inspection software. 


Our AssetPool specialist was at their premises for only 4 hours in total. After the initial face-to-face training, there have been a few queries that have been solved easily. The technicians have grasped the AssetPool app quickly and have been working more efficiently than ever before.

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Key benefits

Some of the key benefits that Naranja has experienced since adopting AssetPool are improved quality in reporting, improved fault reporting speed, improved overall facilities management, reduced machine breakdown time, improved accountability, reduced paperwork, and accurate machine history tracking. 

  • Machine physical condition monitoring – Naranja Packers are able to ensure their equipment is always well maintained.
  • Staff efficiency and performance management – with AssetPool, Naranja Packers have full visibility over their operations, team capacity, and performance. It has also saved a lot of time and admin work, allowing the team to focus on other business activities  
  • Geo location – Naranja Packers now have machine location verification. 
  • Real-time data and reporting insights – AssetPool’s reporting dashboards give Naranja Packers the ability to report on the health of their operations at any given moment.
  • Damage reporting – Naranja Packers now have peace of mind, knowing that in the case of an accident they have a full service history that can prove that assets are well maintained. This covers them both from a legal compliance and an insurance perspective
We have heard from their technicians that they prefer to use AssetPool to complete their inspections as opposed to the old paper-based process.
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