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SA Security Group - Cleaning Division

Verification & Compliance of Own Assets


SECTOR: Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

APPLICATION: Condition Monitoring, Incident Reporting and Document Management

DATE: Engagement - November 2019



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How did AssetPool help?

SA Security Group’s Cleaning Division specializes in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning. With tailor made services to suit their clients’ requirements, the group prides themselves in leveraging off best practice and organizational expertise. As an innovative business, SA Security Group continuously improves on systems designed to exceed customer expectations.

AssetPool has supported SA Security Group on their journey of continuous improvement with the introduction of our Smart Inspection Platform into their business; they have said goodbye to paper checklists and begun working with our digital offering. Their employees now scan a QR code when they enter a bathroom to commence their cleaning. The managers now have a digital schedule and can monitor their state of each facility through their AssetPool Dashboard.

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Key benefits

SA Security Group found the following key benefits switching to AssetPool's smart inspection platform:

  • Asset condition monitoring - they can now monitor a bathroom to see if the condition has changed over time
  • Reduced risk of incidents and accidents - if an incident does occur, they can prove that the facilities were properly maintained and cleaned with photographic proof as well as geo location.
  • Time saved on repairs
  • Staff efficiency & performance management - they are now able to track their employee's productivity through time stamps. They have peace of mind that their facilities are cleaned in a timely manner
  • Paperless record keeping – Immediate data access and the ability to pull a report instantly with a full history of inspections
  • Damage & Accident reporting
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