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Remove paper processes with our complete and fully customizable smart inspection platform

AssetPool transforms your businesses processes from paper to digital with a complete and fully customizable smart inspection software solution. Take your business off paper and into the cloud and identify who, what, where and when in relation to every asset inspection.

Unique Asset Onboarding

Each asset is identified with use of a QR code, ensuring that they are tracked and treated as an individual element.

Whether its a multi-story building, subway station, sports stadium or assets at a shopping center with AssetPool's Smart Inspection Platform you will have an up-to-date asset register at all times.
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Identify or create your zones


Identify asset types


Complete the selected checklists

Customizable Features

Process And Organization

Every organization is different, which is why AssetPool's smart inspection platform can be customized to suit your unique requirements. AssetPool requires a once off input of the asset types and checklists, which are key to your business. Create the client, create the site, onboard your assets and let AssetPool do the rest, organized and in real time.


Our smart inspection software organizes your clients and their sites from a carefully pre-constructed process and organizational structure. This allows you to measure risk all the way from the client to the site, zone, and specific asset.

AssetPool dashboard

Schedule Single Or Recurring Jobs

Open urgent jobs from the software at any time, schedule single or recurring jobs from the admin console. All with a few clicks. Recurring jobs can help you check your equipment daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Manage your workforce from one user-friendly dashboard and view your company’s schedule from the calendar.

AssetPool job scheduling

Manage Your Overall Risk Exposure Live

The dashboard gives you a live view of ongoing work, your top performers, as well as any risk coming through. Manage overall risk before it becomes an issue. This could be the risk of your client, risk at your clients sites, or evidence of a failing asset.

Customize AssetPool to your process and what you deem to be a risk. Authorize variable access rights to admin and field service users to ensure complete asset compliance.

Automate your asset compliance and verification needs today.
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